I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 during a trip to Sri Lanka.

I was instantly captivated by this discipline and since then i have been practicing religiously whenever and wherever i could. In 2017 i did my first teacher training in Hatha Yoga in Kerala and in 2019 in Hatha Yoga in Koh Phangan.

Since my first teacher training i have decided i wanted to become a yoga photographer and meet all the yogis of the planet and share fun time and create magic together. I have worked in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Bali, Dominican Republic, Thailand and India.

I believe in the power of aesthetics and that a good picture will draw more people to practice with you and get to know yoga in general.

For our photoshooting you will prepare a moodboard, your favorite yoga / casual outfits,

a list of your favorite asanas and i will also suggest you which asanas to do according to the background.

I will also correct your alignment.